Best Friends

The friendship of two Jewish girls

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In response to the requests of many students, I have brought to publication the story of two girls who meet in 1930 on their first day of school in Breslau, then Germany. The autobiographical novel unfolds against the background of Hitler’s ascent to power, ever increasing anti-Semitism, and restrictive laws against Jews.

For Elli and Gina, the two best friends, the trials and tribulations of childhood occur amidst their families’ fateful decisions during this period of upheaval and danger.

In the process, we learn about often fruitless efforts by Jews to find a refuge in an uncaring world; the struggle for a homeland in Eretz Yisrael; illegal immigration and the cruelty of the Shoah.

The book includes “Topics for Discussion” suitable for classroom use in religious or public schools or book-clubs. For young adults, adults, or educators, the book provides access to difficult issues of the holocaust through an accessible and relatable story of enduring friendship.

Esther Adler, August 2017


Just as Anne Frank’s diary gave us a window into her world, “Best Friends” enables us to imagine how life continued against the back drop of unimaginable horrors.  Through a “normal” girl’s diary, we can connect to the truth of the Holocaust in a way that is not only compelling but necessary, in order for this tragic chapter of human history to never be forgotten.

Rabbi Liza Stern, Congregation Eitz Chayim, Cambridge MA


After reading Esther Adler’s lovely book, I felt overwhelmed with emotion.  A beautiful marriage of knowledge, history, and emotion told in a format that can be understood and digested by all ages.

Jennifer Binkerhoff, M.D. Clinical Instructor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School


A vivid account of the lives of two young Jewish girls growing up in Nazi Germany during the raging of the Holocaust.  One, Elli, has the courage to leave her family and friends and make her way alone to Eritz Yisrael.  Adler interweaves Eli’s story with that of her best friend, Gina, who stays behind in Germany.

Dr. Avis Brenner author of “Helping Children Cope with Stress.”


A page turner for teens as well as adults.

Rabbi Marcia Plumb, Orchard Cove, Hebrew Senior Life


A story of particular importance today, a time of rising anti-Semitism and xenophobia.

Robert Weinstein President, Concrete Band Imagining Group